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Welcome to my web site.

Please feel free to explore this site to gain better understanding of my firm and how we help our clients plan for and meet their financial and retirement goals.

If you`re seeking an investment advisor to help you prepare for a successful retirement and assist you throughout your retirement years, you`ve definitely come to the right place. Or perhaps you`re a successful individual merely looking for a second opinion from a financial advisor. If so, you, too, are in the right place. My firm, the Society for Lifetime Planning, is commited to preparing people for their retirement years.

After conferring with me, you`ll know that you have been heard. I begin with a series of questions to help me understand your personal and financial goals. Armed with the appropriate data, I then create a retirement analysis that will help determine if you are on track to achieve your goals. This is commonly referred to as a financial blueprint. Together, we`ll use that blueprint to monitor your situation and guide us through those tough decisions everyone has to make in preparation for, and throughout, retirement. It`s important to be aware that retirement planning is not just an event, but an ongoing process. My goal is to create financial solutions and provide an extraordinary amount of personal services.

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